Always My City

17 years ago today, I was sitting in a 6th grade science class when our teacher got word there had been an attack. She turned on the TV and my class watched as the second tower fell. I remember a sense of horror gripping my chest like a straightjacket. My dad still lived and worked … More Always My City

The Deepest Beauty

The Deepest Beauty: Your pain has touched me in a deep place because you were wefted into my heart when I was still a child. There was a song in your eyes that I never could decipher. Something wild and wise and hungry for adventure. Those eyes of wonder will never shine upon this world … More The Deepest Beauty

Suddenly: Poetry #3

  You caught me off-guard Nervous, nurturing, sincere Pursuing as if failure wasn’t a concern So ready to claim me as your own Captivated by all the flaws I thought made me undesirable A storm had ravaged my heart And I wondered what could ever grow there But my, how spring came so quickly These tender shoots that blossom … More Suddenly: Poetry #3


“You have such a good head on your shoulders.” “I never have to worry about you. You’re one of the good ones.” “You would never do something like that. You’re so mature.” None of the above are negative comments. In fact, they were spoken as compliments. My entire life, I’ve been praised for being grounded. The smart … More Skyward

May We Suffer Well

I don’t remember this, but I heard the story countless times growing up and it resonates now, a shining image in my mind: Once, when I was just shy of three years old, I jumped into my aunt’s swimming pool. I didn’t know how to swim. I didn’t even have floaters on. I just jumped in and proceeded to … More May We Suffer Well